Carlyle Miller

My journey as an artist has been a lifelong adventure in exploring and weaving
together my passions for music, poetry, and visual art in freshly evolving forms and mediums. It has been a deeply satisfying endeavor that has never lost its magic or appeal.

The work that I am most proud of, 33 1/3, incorporates these three disciplines in almost equal measures. It is my hope that when one encounters this work that one experiences, in the aesthetic realm, some of my highest aspirations and reflections on life...as well as the beautiful hopefulness of potential in humans for ever expanding powers of imagination.

If you have found your way here today, I'd like to share my deep gratitude for having had the opportunity to fully live an artistic life, to be supported and loved by my wonderful family, friends and sweetheart, and to have had the chance to share my humble offerings with you.

May creativity and inspiration befriend you as you make your way on this beautiful journey.